"In this excellent volume, two extraordinarily qualified Senate veterans explain and defend, with clarity and impressive research, the Senate filibuster. With their deep understanding of, and respect for, the institution of the Senate, they point to the need to protect minority rights and to build consensus �and they propose evolutionary reforms to reduce filibuster abuse. This book deserves to be read and considered carefully by all who respect, and want to understand better, the world’s greatest deliberative body."
-- Lee H. Hamilton
Former U.S. Representative
Director, The Center on Congress at Indiana University
"During my years in the Senate, I learned that you should never get involved in a legislative fight without Bob Dove's advice and counsel. Nobody knows more about the rules and history of the Senate than he does. Defending the Filibuster--Soul of the Senate should be required reading for anyone who wants to understand one of the hallmarks of our democracy."

-- Senator Bob Dole
"A timely, well-researched, and cogently argued defense of the filibuster by two veterans of the Senate staff who understand the issue and its consequences� Those commentators who think the Senate’s rules make no sense need to read this book."
—Donald A. Ritchie
The U.S. Congress: A Very Short Introduction
“As we would expect from two experts who were part of so many historic Senate debates in the past thirty years, Rich Arenberg and Bob Dove have written an historically grounded and eloquent defense of the Senate’s tradition of protecting minority views by allowing extended debate until 60 Senators vote to end it. They defend this tradition as the “soul of the Senate�because it protects minority rights and helps Senators reach a consensus or compromise on controversial legislation. They acknowledge that those who have routinely and repeatedly resorted to the threat of the filibuster in recent years are abusing the rules, but Arenberg and Dove offer some practical reforms to the Senate rules that preserve the principle while removing the abuse, such as limiting or even eliminating debate on the motion to proceed to a bill. But ultimately, as the book effectively demonstrates, the problem of gridlock and obstruction in the Senate is not so much in the Senate rules, but rather, as Senator Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, puts it, “It is in the lack of restraint in the exercise of the prerogatives under the rules.�
-- Senator Carl Levin
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